Paragon featured on Peak Humans Podcast: The Evolution Of Peak Performance With Jeff Benton

Jeff Benton is the Founder & CEO of Paragon Performance Evolution. Jeff’s expertise in peak performance training spans across various domains, from Fortune 500 companies to Special Forces units, professional athletes, and beyond. At Paragon, Jeff’s mission is to elevate individuals and organizations to new heights through customized leadership and high-performance programs. By fostering coherence […]

Paragon Featured in Forbes Magazine: Elevating Entrepreneurial Success: Understanding The 7 Key States

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, high performance is often the benchmark of success. Yet, this performance transcends mere business metrics, delving into personal mastery and self-development. Research indicates that successful entrepreneurs share common traits such as resilience, purpose, and effective communication skills. A study in the journal Frontiers in Psychology highlights that entrepreneurs who […]

Paragon Featured in CEO Weekly: World Mental Health Day

We extend our gratitude to CEO Weekly for highlighting Paragon and illuminating our individual stories pertaining to the profound significance of World Mental Health Day within our organization. Read on by clicking on this link.