Optimizing Performance and Growth Mindset

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Modern day Alchemists transform stress to coherence

Alchemy, traditionally associated with the pursuit of transforming base metals into gold and achieving immortality, has evolved in modern practice to achieving self and team mastery.

In the context of achieving heart and brain coherence, alchemy is the process of optimizing cognitive functions and revitalized physiology.

We are all modern day alchemists, capable of achieving extraordinary feats.

Self-Evolution: Learn modern day alchemy for enhanced coherence and optimized performance in each area of your life.

Lead to 


Cultivate heart-brain coherence through greater awareness of thoughts and activating renewing emotions.

Chaos to Coherence

Shift from a stress response to a more optimal state within minutes and in real-time.

Stress to 


Experience the present moment with increased focus, enhanced creativity, and a deeper sense of purpose.

Unconscious to Conscious

Engage the process of cognitive restructuring through greater awareness of thought patterns and automatic behaviors.

Transforming Stress

Alchemical transformation in the brain is the dynamic neural change shaped by awareness, learning, and experiences. This process actively reshapes thought patterns, emotional responses, and our lens to the world. This demonstrates the brain’s capacity to change, adapt, and grow, even in the most challenging situations.

Chronic Stress

Cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” is integral to the body’s stress response. Unhealthy levels of cortisol resulting from prolonged stress have negative effects on physical, mental, and emotional health. This includes mood disorders, sleep disturbances, impaired immune function, and ongoing fatigue.

Harmony & Equilibrium

As we transform stress, we create magical chemicals in the body including DHEA, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA, known as the “vitality hormone,” plays a key role in stress management by counteracting the effects of cortisol, revitalizing our body and optimizing brain function.

Achieving Coherence

Did you know that the heart communicates 80% more information to the brain through the nervous system than the other way around? The first step in shifting stress to coherence involves transforming a chaotic heartbeat into a smoother rhythm pattern. This enhances the clarity of the neural signal going from the heart to the brain.


Chaos feels disconnected, scattered, and out of balance

Science tells us that we can proactively achieve a more optimal operational state by first focusing our attention in the area of the heart and taking a few slow, deep, intentional breaths.

Experience your own alchemy

Take the Paragon Pause, a one-minute heart-focused breathing technique and see how you feel. This is the base technique of several high-performance tools that we teach our clients.

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The positive outcomes of achieving coherence

“Process of Evolution”

Paragon’s Process of Evolution framework is a comprehensive, science-based approach that addresses multiple growth and transformation levels within an organization, including individual performance optimization, team cohesion and productivity and large-scale community development.

Teams: From Disarray to Harmony

The alchemy of Team Evolution harnesses and optimizes the collective capabilities of an organization. Teams elevate to higher levels of trust, connectivity, and support – accelerating creative problem solving, collaboration, and productivity. Collectively the team is now in a position to explore “What is possible?”

Community Evolution

Community Evolution occurs when leaders expand the coherence teachings to the broader community and a powerful multiplier effect ensues. The transformation extends beyond the realm of professional life, fostering a legacy of positive influence and change that transcends borders, cultures, and generations. This level of evolution is when collectively we can make the impossible seem possible.

When leaders 
have alchemized


When leaders 

A coherent culture is established when intentionally developing people serves as the catalyst for more successful teams, the entire organization and ultimately for the broader community.

When leaders 
have alchemized


We can create a coherent culture​

The result is a global community that thrives under the guidance of conscious leaders – where
harmony, innovation, and transformation prevail.


How are you creating a coherent culture and contributing to the greater good of your organization?

Global Coherence

Imagine a world led by Coherent leadership – What would be possible?

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