I feel incredibly fortunate to work with Paragon. We are a stronger and more cohesive team having benefited from the opportunities to learn from Paragon in our retreats and sessions together. The tools and techniques work and the individual coaching has been wonderful.  The focus on well-being and performance really resonates with me. I appreciate […]


I truly appreciate the impact that Paragon Performance Evolution has had on me personally, and my team. The self-regulation tools & techniques that I have learned from Paragon have been such a valuable addition to my daily routine that I engaged them to work with my current leadership team, and our broader HR community at […]


I am truly grateful for Paragon Performance Evolution. The self-regulation tools and techniques have been life-changing and are an essential part of my daily routine that have had profoundly positive impacts both personally and professionally. I now consistently show up in a more open, present, and thoughtful way. Through the networks of support – team […]


Ever since I began my journey with Paragon Performance Evolution, my capacity to achieve has expanded in ways I never thought possible. The transformative techniques I’ve acquired during our sessions have fundamentally reshaped my approach to goal setting and managing life’s constant demands.   By integrating Paragon’s methods into my daily routine, I’ve experienced remarkable […]


Their program isn’t like anything else I’ve participated in.   They take a truly unique and personalized approach, helping individuals to focus their time and energy where it matters most. The team at Paragon has provided me with life-long tools to manage stress and anxiety, which were subconsciously impacting how I approached so many aspects […]


I wish this was something that we did as a benefit for all of our employees. These simple steps through their program have been instrumental in my attitude and outlook in various situations.   As we all know, many of us went from suitcase warriors to a whole new world during the pandemic and the […]


Paragon Performance delivered beyond expectations, seamlessly blending their expertise with engaging facilitation.   Jeff and Brett’s session left our audience reinvigorated, armed with new techniques to enhance performance, particularly in high-pressure situations. The program’s impact was clear, prompting continued conversations with many of our members. We highly recommend Paragon Performance for organizations seeking transformative learning […]


Paragon has been leading several high-performance, leadership and resiliency initiatives now for multiple years for Kearney and the overall partnership with them has been transformational for our company. Over the past two plus years, mental health has become a prominent issue and Paragon has supported our different teams internally with real-time tools and techniques that […]


Paragon hit a homerun with my team.   We had our top 25 leaders in for year-end meetings and they were in a really depleted state due to our recent acquisition. Jeff and Brett worked absolute magic during a four-hour session. By the end of the day our team was fully energized and renewed from […]


We searched for a training program that would not only show our team how much we appreciate their resiliency, but also to address the issues of stress and anxiety as we slowly get back into the office. We engaged Paragon to facilitate their Optimal Performance Resiliency Training program and teach us the HeartMath techniques so […]