I have personally benefitted from their coherence training and incorporate the tools and techniques into my daily routine, especially before important meetings, and during challenging situations.   I first heard of Paragon’s work when I attended a summit for CHRO leaders of major colleges and universities. Their message on intelligent energy management resonated strongly and […]


Our team works in a high-stress and trauma-filled environment, and they are responsible for supporting many others living in a high-stressed state.   It was crucial and one of my best decisions to bring Paragon in to work with the team – they have taught our leaders to have greater awareness of their emotions and […]


Paragon led one of our Chapter’s most well-received virtual programs during the pandemic, and have twice served as expert coaches for a special YPO International youth entrepreneurship pitch competition that I champion for kids ages 9-17 from around the world. Brett & Jeff’s message for the kids during the coaching workshop was awesome and went […]


I engaged Paragon to lead my family through their Optimal Performance HeartMath Program and it had a significant impact for each member of our family. The response was very positive and the teachings and techniques they taught us have been particularly helpful for our kids (ages 16 to 23). My wife especially appreciated the opportunity […]


The Paragon team is breaking down the barriers of egoic-driven decision-making that has been a societal norm for decades.   Conscious and heart-centered leadership will become a bigger focus in this new era we are living in. The Paragon team is paving the way for this amazing transition that is a once in a lifetime […]