Paragon Coherence Academy for Sales Professionals & Teams

Paragon’s Sales Coherence Optimization Program equips sales professionals with evidence-based techniques rooted in neuroscience, psychology, and physiology to achieve coherence — a state of psychological and physiological balance. By mastering emotional regulation, stress management, and strategic decision-making, individuals can enhance relationships and overall performance in dynamic sales environments.

Program Benefits

Coherence allows for greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and emotional self-regulation skills. These are critical traits to maximize and up-level performance, as well as create more purpose, joy, and abundance in all areas of life.

Enhanced confidence levels and self-belief

Increased mental clarity and focus

Improved communication & relationships

Increased ability to solve problems more effectively and creatively

Open to new ideas, experiences and view points

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Evidence-Based Results

Paragon clients have reported significant improvement in the following areas after completing Coherence Training Programs:

Reduced Stress Due to Social Support 83%
Decrease in Emotional Stress 74%
Decrease in Total Stress 68%
Decrease in Relationship Stress 78%
Increase in Total Wellbeing 55%
Decrease in Total High Stress 25%
Improvement in Stress Management 64%
Improvement in Resilience 67%
Improvement in Emotional Vitality 70%

Program Details

Bi-Weekly Virtual Group Learning Sessions

  • Group learning modules
  • Private coaching sessions with a Paragon Master Trainer
  • Biometric high-performance device
  • Exclusive access to video content
  • Modules facilitated by Paragon Master Trainers
  • Invitation to weekly Paragon Community coherence sessions

Why Heart and Brain Coherence

Coherence allows for greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and emotional self-regulation. These are critical to maximize and up-level performance, as well as create more purpose, joy, and abundance in all areas of life.

Program Focus

Self Mastery

Self volution & Self-Awareness:

Committing and investing in personal and professional growth to uplevel performance and transform overall dynamics with your customers.

Know your why:

Understandings personal purpose and aligning it with the broader value and mission of your country.


Building trust by genuine and transparent with customer interactions.


Enhancing the capacity to prepare for recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, challenge, and adversity.

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Relationship Mastery

Relationship Buildings:

Nurturing relationships with customers by consistently delivering value, providing ongoing support, and staying in touch even after the sale is made.

Coherent Communication & Storytelling:

Being genuinely curious and actively listening the customer’s perspective. Go beyond simple hearing the words

Frequently Asked Questions

The tools & techniques introduced during the Paragon Coherence Academy will allow your student to:


1) Decrease their stress and anxiety,

2) Improve their mental clarity and focus,

3) Enhance their confidence levels and decision- making abilities,

4) Improve their communication skills,

5) Achieve better sleep and have more energy on a consistent basis,

6) Navigate today’s complex world and prepare them for a healthier, more emotionally balanced future filled with joy, purpose, flexibility, and adaptability.

  • How Emotions Impact Behavior and Performance
  • Mastering the Art of Self-Regulation
  • Building Meaningful Relationships through Active Listening
  • Increasing Confidence & Self-Belief
  • Elevating Emotional Intelligence, Decision-Making & Problem Solving
  • Four (4) bi-Weekly Virtual Group Learning Sessions (60-minutes each) One (1) Private Coaching Session with a Certified Paragon Trainer
  • Access to Exclusive Content & Recordings
  • Access to a special workshop for Parents & Siblings
  • Recap sessions following each learning module

Sessions will be held bi-weekly on dates and times to be determined. The enrollment button above is connected to a web form that will enable you to provide a variety of options when your student may be available. Once enrollment has closed, sessions will be scheduled accordingly.

We understand that students have busy schedules with many different commitments outside of the classroom. Sessions will be recorded and made available to those students who are unable to attend live. We will also be hosting a few 30-minute refresh sessions at separate times throughout the course for students to catch up on any missed content.

Students will participate in four experiential bi-weekly group sessions with their peers that include:


  • Learning evidence-based, high-performance tools and techniques that teach students how to shift from a stress response to a more optimal state in real-time, and within minutes.
  • Participating in breakout and sharing exercises with peers to create higher levels of self-awareness and emotional literacy.
  • Connecting in a safe space with a peer community who are experiencing similar stressors.
  • Making commitments that reinforce taking accountability and ownership of their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors especially in challenging situations.

Each student that participates in the Paragon Coherence Academy will receive one (1) 30-minute private coaching session with a Certified Paragon Trainer that includes:


  • Reinforcement of the coherence teachings introduced during the group sessions.
  • Tips for integrating the coherence techniques into specific situations and daily life.
  • A guided coherence technique led by the Paragon Trainer.

Via credit card on our website or through web form with private link.

Refunds will be honored up to 15 days prior to the start of the program.

Once your student has enrolled in the Paragon Coherence Academy, a private Zoom link will be provided to access the sessions.

Yes. There are several ways that Coherence Academy participants and their families can stay engaged. These include:


  • Additional private coaching sessions with a Certified Paragon Trainer ($350 per session).
  • Ambassador Training Program for students (and parents) who are Interested In bringing the Coherence teachings, tools & techniques to their communities.
  • A special 1-hour workshop for parents and siblings of Coherence Academy participants.
  • Customized programs for families (available upon request).
  • Coherence Academy Program for pre-teens (under development).
  • Customized programs for schools, teams, and community groups (available upon request).

Paragon Certified Trainers are certified by the HeartMath Institute and our most accomplished practitioners. These trainers are leading programs all over the world for Teens & Young Adults, Fortune 500 companies, leading colleges & universities, healthcare organizations, humanitarian groups, and other influential organizations.

Students will have the option to purchase the Inner Balance biometric feedback device directly from our partners at the HeartMath Institute (HMI). The device measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and provides real-time feedback from the emotional lifts associated with the Coherence techniques. Devices include access to the Inner Balance app for tracking participant sessions, enabling students to chart their progress over time using the Coherence techniques. Paragon will provide a special link and discount code for participants interested in purchasing the device.

Organizations Implementing Coherence Training

Limited Availability

Program Start

Q3 2024

Together we can help transform the next generation to navigate today’s complex world with greater resiliency and emerge as healthier, more balanced individuals.

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