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Training Program Impact: Managing Extraordinary Circumstances with Calm & Grace

Training Program Impact: Managing Extraordinary Circumstances with Calm & Grace

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The Paragon Performance Evolution team has had the privilege of partnering with Chicago Youth Centers (CYC) on a two-year program centered on Optimal Performance and Growth Mindset. The leadership team at CYC, affectionately referred to as the OGs, embodies thoughtfulness, kindness, wisdom, and a heart-centered approach at the highest level. Together, our work has been truly transformative. Key metrics indicate a remarkable decrease in all sources of stress for the CYC leadership team – ranging from 50 to 80 percent – and a 40 percent increase in individuals describing their overall stress as low.

However, the true impact of our collaboration was evident when members of the CYC team were faced with extraordinary circumstances. During a campus lockdown at a CYC school partner location due to an active shooter threat, a member of the senior leadership team, Dushunda, demonstrated remarkable composure and presence of mind. Setting an intention to remain calm, she implemented the coherence teachings as she guided the parents and children through a heart-focused breathing technique (taught by our friends at the HeartMath Institute), ultimately creating a sense of tranquility among the group amidst chaos.

In another distressing incident on the same day, a shooting occurred near another CYC school partner location, prompting frantic reactions from parents and staff. In this chaotic situation, a team member trained in heart-focused breathing by Dushunda swiftly stepped in. Leading the group in heart-focused techniques, she diffused tension and anxiety, allowing for a smooth resolution and comforting support for both children and parents.

These instances highlight the impact of the coherence training and the effectiveness that specific tools and techniques have during real-world crises – calming communities and providing clarity amidst turmoil. Further proof that each moment presents an opportunity for utilizing coherence techniques. And while we can’t always control the events taking place in our external environment, we do have the ability to control how we respond during these traumatic experiences. We can be the architects of our own reality, wielding the power to influence our own state of being, and those around us.

These are just two recent examples of incidents that have occurred where CYC team members have implemented the coherence teachings and techniques to calm their community of students and parents, as well as bring a center of focus. When we help an individual or group of people go from a stress response to a more coherent state, it can affect the outcome of situations – both short-term and long-term. Where in your life can YOU utilize these coherence techniques?  Every moment presents an opportunity for awareness and making conscious choices.

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